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The ceramic Argillà Argentona, which traditionally was held to coincide with the Clay Jug Festival (4th August) and Argentona Festival, happens to be held the first weekend of July since 2015. However, the traditional Clay Jug Festival is inseparably connected with the feast of “Sant Domènec” on the 4th of August, will be held on that date.

The Clay Jug Museum spreads and promotes the maintenance of traditional pottery and promotes new values ​​of ceramic creation. The success of the fair has been spectacular since its inception in 1991 and is visited by 50,000 people that can learn about, and purchase the production of handcrafted pottery, which come from traditional pottery centres from everywhere. It is the most important ceramics fair in the country, both in terms of number and quality of participants and the number of audience.

The exhibition is completed with a series of cultural and educational activities that make the visit a real party around the art of clay pottery, as exhibitions of internationally renowned authors, live demonstrations of traditional pottery workshops, rakú workshops, concerts with ceramic made instruments, among other activities related to mud. Since 2005, it has also established a Sample Film on Ceramics.

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