Puig i Cadafalch's House

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The summer home of Josep Puig i Cadafalch in Argentona is located on an island limited by Torras and Bages, Dolors Monserdà streets and “Plaça de Vendre”

It is the house where the architect had spent his summers from an early age. It is not a newly built house, it is the re-use of three old houses that the architect himself put together and extended them, converting them into a single house. The Puig family owned the house number 7 in Dolors Monserdà Street, corresponding to middle of the body. The architect in the late nineteenth century, bought the two neighbouring houses to expand his summer residence.

He turned them into a true modernist house, he opened the dividing walls to communicate the three houses and built a small body to the west and a south gallery that became the entrance to the house. He also incorporated battlements, modernist paintings and sculptures.

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