The Basses d’en Coll

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The Basses d’en Coll, located at the mouth of the river Daró, are a system of two ponds which comprise the mouth of the Rec del Molí, into which the water from the rice fields of Pals flows. They form a sheet of water of almost 4 hectares, and all around it, a major system of reedbeds has developed.

The area’s vegetation comprises remnants of stands of white willow and elm, briers, giant cane and common reeds. The surrounding rice fields, half flooded for much of the year, become a rich ecosystem where floating and submerged plants and algae grow. This abundant plant life encourages the appearance of a wide variety of water animals (water fleas, crustaceans and other invertebrates), which in turn provide food for amphibians, birds and mammals. These partially flooded environments are an ideal place for water birds to stop-off on their migratory journeys moving along the coast. Numerous species of ducks, flamingos and ospreys use this marsh as a regular stop-over.