Font del Saltiri

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In this corner a secondary stream makes a small water leap "slipped" (saltiró) over a gradient of carbonated sandstone. Below, we find a stone vault with an integrated tank, where the water is accumulated, and it is left free with the help of a tap. It is the Saltiri fountain.

Note that, as before, hepaticas and maidenhair are born on the wall of the fountain. The environment, fresh and gloomy, is full of fresh moss and ivy. Boars and hazels make undergrowth of beautiful oaks. In front of the fountain there are the ruins of an old and small farmhouse: “El Saltiri”. There is also a small grotto where the cattle were sheltered.

The stream’s water, at this point, is channeled down. The hazel trees grow next to it and beneath it a large fern, the “falguera gran” (big fern), coexists with a small one, polypoid or piglet grass.

The next stage of stairs is beautiful.