Font Vella

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On the left bank of the stream, under the shadow of a beautiful tilia platyphyllos and an ash (you will distinguish them because the tilia platyphyllos has a whole heart-shaped leaf and the ash has a large leaf consisting of 7-9 leaves) creating a fountain, the “Font Vella”. A few years ago, when the municipal water network did not yet exist, people from the upper part of Rupit, Coll de Castell, were going to pick-up water with jugs and buckets.

The shadow of the fountain and humidity favors the growth of hepaticas: small plants, from the family of mosses, that do not produce flowers or fruits and do not even have a vascular system.

You can also see a small fern: the red falzia (photo). It inhabits in cracks and stone walls, in shady and humid places like this one. In the middle ages, it was used to treat spleen diseases.