Mas Corriol

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Masia from the XVI, XVIII-XIX centuries.

Another example of ornamental plantations around these important farms, is this group of Indian chestnut trees you can see (photo).

The leaves are formed by 5-7 leaflets, unlike the chestnut that has a whole leaf.

Spring flowering is very colorful and beautiful, formed by pyramidal inflorescences (groups of flowers). The fruits, thick wall capsules and soft thorns, like chestnuts, have 1-3 seeds that when ripening in autumn, fall to the ground.

These chestnuts are slightly toxic. They contain substances used in cosmetics, shampoos, creams’ emulsions. They were an important component in the manufacturing of cod liver. Necklaces were made with chestnuts to put in the closets and fight their moths.


ATTENTION: We do not go on the road, Follow track. We turn right under the chestnut trees.