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The dominant forest, the most widespread, is the oak grove. The stingy oak you see is the dominant tree although it is sprinkled with other deciduous trees such as white maple, Italian maple and conifers such as red pine. Here we should highlight the triplet groups, one of the most beautiful autumn colorings (photo), along with some birch. The oaks do not do a thick shadow and that is why we find bush forces, the buxus being the majority shrub in the company of the hawthorn, the wayfarer, the leek and the hazel in the most humid places. They are oaks from the calcareous country, between Mediterranean and Atlantic, which in the most humid places is complemented with some oaks typical of the Atlantic humid oak groves: the large leaf oak.

They were trees that were cut off to make coal, also for firewood and wood burning. The leaves served to dye the brown wool and the bark to soften skins.