Torrent Mal

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It is longer and has more basin than the “Saltiri” stream where we went the path upwards. That's why it has water and the other does not. Both are streams and their flow is tied to the amount of rain, but in this one, it is more extended.

The buxus and the hazels are all but this stretch. Once you have crossed the stream, you will find beautiful white maple groups. This "steel" of palm leaf 3-5 deep lobes, has beautiful autumn colorations. Their two winged seeds make an angle of 180º.

Its wood is highly prized in cabinetmaking and carpentry. It is used for handles of tools and furniture. Very good fuel but due to its low abundance it is not used.

In wet corners and with mosses like this one, where water does not move, in the spring you can find beautiful black and yellow lizards.