Mirador dels Bassis

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We have climbed to the top of “La Palomera” and we are on the “Bassis” viewpoint. In front of us, the entire slope of the “Guilleries” (Pre-coastal Serralada). Below, the valley of Rupit’s stream and the sandstone and gray limestone cliffs that fall over the Sau and Susqueda water reservoir on the river Ter. They are the southern cliffs of the “Collsacabra”, the view goes from “Agullola” and the “Fàbregues” plain, following the “Salt de Sallent”, the “Cadevall” cliffs to the “Collèr de Coll”, which leads to the long cliff and the Lighthouse's plateau. Behind we can see the massif of “Canigó” and the summit of the “Costabona”.