Wild goats

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Flocks of wild goats have recently started to be found in the Montgrí Massif. These animals are most active during the morning and in the evening, and so it is easiest to spot them at these times. To be successful, leave the busiest paths a bit and be silent. They are an example of the varied fauna found in these mountains.

In the garrigues, especially close to rocky areas, you can spot the ocellated lizard, and in rocky boundaries you can also find the ladder snake and the viper. Take care in the spring and summer. You might disturb them without realising while they are basking on a rock and they could bite you.

In the springtime, in the low bushes there are many flowers, which attract a wide variety of butterflies. In these open spaces, it is easy to see the blue sky and above us with a Bonelli’s eagle overhead making hunting trips or the common kestrel hanging in the air, beating its wings as it focusses on a lizard or a mouse.