Sant Feliu de Boada

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You are now in front of the Church of Sant Feliu de Boada in the charming little village of the same name, which is part of the municipality of Palau-sator.

Beyond the restaurants and houses in the area, the impressive Church of Sant Feliu overlooks the square and all of the village. It is a late Gothic structure (sixteenth century), although the church is of Romanesque origin. What is most interesting about the building is that it has some fortified elements you would not expect to find in a religious building as they have offensive purposes, as well as defensive ones.

If you look at the bell gable, the third opening from the left has a machicolation for defending against enemies in the case of an attack. It also conserves other remains of fortifications: the thick walls themselves, the height of the belfry and the square-based tower on the right of the façade.

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