The Torre de les Hores

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This twelfth-century tower was the main tower of the old Castle of Pals which was destroyed in the fifteenth century. Its current name – tower of hours – comes from the belfry at the top.

The Torre de les Hores is the highest part of the emblematic silhouette of the town of Pals, one of the most touristic towns in the Empordà thanks to its very well-preserved old town with the Torre de les Hores standing out, which you can climb to enjoy great views of the region.

From the top, you can see the rice fields of Pals, the Begur mountains and always overlooking this vignette of the Empordà, the Montgrí Massif. If you let your imagination run free, some say that its silhouette resembles a bishop who is lying down or dead, with the castle as his ring. There is also a version which claims that it is a young woman lying down and so the castle would be a nipple… Other viewpoints might give you other ideas. What do you see there?