Sa Conca

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Sa Conca is a small bay that houses two large sandy beaches, separated by an islet with a pillow.

The submerged part of the large beach is sandy and wins a lot of depth in a few meters. The small beach, the Oriços cove, however, is flatter and it has a rocky bottom. If there is no river ... where does the beach’s sand come from? 

At the bottom of the cliffs of Sa Conca there are granodiorites identical to those on the Camí de Ronda. On top of it, there is a layer of sandy material -solute-, formed by the alteration of the granodiorite. The eroded ‘sand’ accumulates at the foot of the cliff and is removed by the waves during the storms. The sea currents also provide sediment from the neighbor, Platja d'Aro.


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