Invasive plants

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The coastal strip is a fragile environment subject to strong forces that endanger the native flora. In addition to the heavy human impact, the main danger to the coastal façade is the presence of invasive plant species, including American aloe, prickly pear, or balsam.

The balsam, known as cat's claw in Catalan, pig face in English (Carpobrotus sp.), is a creeping plant that colonises coastal brackish environments and pushes aside the vegetation of this habitat. It has a very striking and showy violet flower, which makes it a favourite of many gardeners.

On the sea side, and here, nesting in these areas, we will be able to see the cormorant. It is a large bird, with a long, slender neck, small head and dark plumage. They live near the coast, but are strictly marine birds. They fish swimming in the water and can submerge tens of metres.