Mas d'en Seniqueda

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Ruined farmhouse located on a raised plain north of the bay of Montjoi. It was an austere construction with walls made of unevenly sized stones bound together with earth and with the corners reinforced by square quartz boulders. Even so, it is proof of the agricultural past of these lands, which now lie barren.

The main crop of this farm was the vineyard. The multitude of terraces that mark the landscape bear witness to this. Before the arrival of phylloxera in Empordà (1879), grape vines were the most profitable crop in this area but this plague, of American origin, caused all the vines to die within four years and probably led to the abandonment of this site in 1895.

The purchase of this farmhouse by a German engineer, in 1908, to exploit the blue marble quarry located to the west, fuelled all sorts of rumours in the town. The most common was that he was a spy who watched the passage of ships along the coast during the First World War and then informed the Consulate in Barcelona.