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(4700-3400 BCE - Middle Neolithic)

The Puig Alt Cist is a prehistoric tomb which comprises a funeral chamber located in the centre of a mound. It is currently in a very poor state and only part of the slate slabs forming the side of the chamber and the southern and western sides of the mound have been preserved. The funeral chamber is rectangular, encased within the rock and covered with slabs of slate. It was built exactly on a north-south axis.

This cist lies within what is known as the Montjoi necropolis, an area where there are several prehistoric tomb and stone carving groups in a radius of one and a half kilometres. These are found in uncultivated terrain, unsuitable for agriculture and probably on the edge of the communal territory of the first settlers in this area.

Nosotros no hemos sabido encontrar o interpretar nada. Aconsejamos subir al Puig Alt en 15'. El camino es evidente. Disfrutaréis de vistas 360º.

Nothing has been found here and no interpretation made. We recommend the 15 minute climeb up Puig Alt. The path is obvious and you will be able to enjoy 360º views.