Scrub and cork oaks

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Among the scrub described above, you can see trees to the left. These are cork oaks which would form the forestation of the area, alternating with normal oaks in the cool hollows. In the shady streams of the Serra Verdera, you can find hazel, grey willow, alder or elms as you will soon see.

Among the corks you can see the roofs of more vineyard huts.

The scrub, apart from the colours of the blooms and the scents of plants such as spanish lavender, rosemary or thyme, is interesting because it is a place of refuge and breeding for birds that, despite being heard, are very difficult to see. These are the warblers and, it should be noted that the subalpine warbler, the spectacled warbler and the long-tailed warbler are difficult to spot, and the Sardinian warbler easier.

Due to the geographical and botanical characteristics mentioned above, Cap de Creus is a privileged place for bird watching, especially in spring and autumn when migratory movements occur. To see them better, stop on the hills or peaks with views.