Vineyard terraces

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We are in the middle of the vineyards. This hut and beneath the holm oaks (of which young saplings still grow) were a good place to rest and shelter on hot days. Inside the water was kept cool, food protected and you could take a nap or shelter from the rain. Tools were also kept here so they would not have to haul them up and down every time they went down to the village.

Of circular section, the thick walls, the lateral reinforcements and the small protection for the wind at the side of the door should all be noted. The lintel of the door is formed of two flat slabs; the upper piece is smaller and fulfils the function of a relieving arch for the door.

The heathland in the form of scrub is here enriched with new plants such as: Spanish lavender (lavender with pretty spring flowers); the grey-leaved rock rose; thorny broom with the great stems turned into spikes; lleterassa or euphorbia in the form of shrubs and the llistó or false-brome.