Les Comes stream

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A fresh, humid environment that contrasts with all that we've seen so far on the walk in the massif. The vegetation with wide, deciduous leaves like oaks, hazelnut trees and the odd willow demonstrate this change in conditions. It is interesting to point out that we can also find laurel. Laurel grows in these places of the coastal mountain range, in the valleys that go down to the sea and are influenced by the wet Eastern winds. Here, in the Les Comes stream, we will find some. You can see them under the common banana tree. Other trees like cork oaks and holm oaks grow much bigger in this place than we are used to seeing at the top of the mountain range. The Les Comes stream, very well preserved and of high ecological value, contains an Ardenya rarity, a plant from an Atlantic climate like the royal fern (Osmunda Regalis) at some points in its bed. A bit further ahead we find the chain we have to pass.