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Considered the most important megalithic monument in the Ardenya-Cadiretes area.

Identified by Esteve Fa and Tolsanes, performing a first excavation in 1977 and 1978, and officially excavated in 1979.

It is a good example of a paradolmen located at the base of a natural rock tower, with a rectangular shaped tomb chamber, taking advantage of an artificially sunk cavity when extracting the land from the large block that covers it. It measures 3,4 m of depth, 2,6 of width and 1,25 of height. The entrance was through a long corridor, a covered gallery of more than 4 meters in length, covered with slabs, block and dry wall, covered by an artificial tomb that remains there. It seems that there was also a menhir, disappeared by 1990.

Its dating is fixed between 2700-2200 BC.