Reig’s Paradolmen

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To the left of the path we can see the structure of Reig’s paradolmen.

The function of a paradolmen or dolmen was usually funeral based, basically the place where members of prehistoric communities, especially Neolithic, were buried.

This copy we have in front of us was identified by Joan Planella in 1986 and visited by Professor Narcís Soler in 2001, and was later excavated by scientists from the University of Girona in 2002.

It is from a natural cavity formed under a granite block of 3m in diameter supported on the natural soil and on another elongated block. The interior chamber measures 2.5 meters long and about 2 meters wide, reaching 1m height. Subsequently, the cavity is covered with a dry-stone wall.

It was not possible to recover any type of archaeological material, so we cannot confirm its approximate chronology.