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Ca la Contxita Farnés

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Within what was the property of Joan Farnés, is located Ca La Conxita Farnés, today known as Can Muntanyès. It was established in the current street called Pintors Masriera, in 1910.

At first it was built as Can Farnés "masoveria", but the daughter of Dr. Farnés, Conxita, came to live there with her husband Anastasio Ballester.

Also built by Ramon Maria Riudor, he opted for a simpler style and used exposed brick. The uniqueness of this house lies in the upper part of the façade, where we find an alternation of small pillars -which may remind us of the battlements of a castle-, blue and white tiles and wrought iron balconies. And also the predominance of the straight line over the curved line.

Next to the house there is a small wrought iron neighborhood.

The owner, Joan Farnés, lived in Barcelona, at 83 Balmes Street, also in a modernist building.