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Can Serra

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In 1925, Francesc Serra i Serra requested a renovation, which was carried out following the project of the architect Josep Guardiola.

Several elements of the façade stand out, such as the semicircular arches of the door and the upper floor window, the wrought iron decorations, such as the one located above the lower window or the braces under the balcony, and the structural rhythm of the elements that support the roof overhang together with the elements that coincide with the attic level.

On this last level of the façade we find four windows, and in the middle of these openings, a decorative panel of blue ceramic showing a scene of Sant Jordi killing the dragon (show other examples of representations of Sant Jordi).

With this small decoration, both for the theme and the use of ceramics, and the presence of other elements such as wrought iron, we see the stamp of Modernism in this house.