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El Casal

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Built by the architect Josep Coll i Vilaclara, it was owned by Mateu Serra, dedicated to the wine business in Allela, which explains the existence of a cellar with a separate entrance in the lower part of the house.

The tower was called Torre del Sot because the ground was half sunken.

At the main door (in front of Ca l'Utzet) there is a porch and a door with a pointed arch. Nowadays inside we find the bar of The Casal.

On the first floor, which is accessed by a majestic staircase, there were several rooms that originally should have been the bedrooms. On the second floor we find the attic, and there you can see the structure of the roof; the four-sided skeleton with wooden beams.

In 1912, we do not know why, Mateo Serra commissioned the same architect to build a house for the priest Anton Faura and his sister on the same property. Both houses share a garden. The house, although it is simpler, maintains the stylistic lines of Torre del Sot.