Burriac's Castle

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While it can be assumed the jobs at the Burriac summit in the Iberian and Roman times, evidence was not found to define what kind of jobs were there. In the ninth century, the chapel is mentioned in a document, but as there was no mention of the castrum it suggests that the latter did not yet exist. Therefore, it was the chapel of “Sant Vicenç”, which currently only conserves the apse and later the castle, which was built between the tenth and eleventh centuries. From this construction, there are still some remains of a defence bastion headed north of the new construction (once past the entrance of the castle grounds on the left), and, within the sovereign part (the upper enclosure) layer foundations of the old tower of the tribute, the rooms and the west apse of the chapel. In the fifteenth century, the castle was rebuilt and enlarged, resulting in the structure that we can still see today and which highlights the outer wall, parts of the tower of the tribute, and of all the sovereign sector.

IMPORTANT: The castle is not accessible by car. We will have to leave the car at the “Picant” Fountain. You can walk the main track but we recommend you follow our route: Castell de Burriac along the fountain path”

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