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Between the Villalta and the sea.

Canet de Mar is a municipality in the Maresme region, located on the stretch of coast between Mataró and the Alt Maresme and the sea and the first buttresses of the crest of Puig and the Pedracastell hill, which separates it from the valley of the Riera de Villalta, with a maximum altitude of 309 m. The old town, with the typical morphology of the villages of the Maresme, formed from side to side of a stream, has grown quite a lot during the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century, with a lot of weight of the second residences and a quite rooted summer holidaymakers. Currently (2018) the municipality has almost 14,500 inhabitants.

The mountain slopes, on the second line of the sandy coast, are covered by a forest mass of pines and cork oaks, many of them grown after the abandonment of the vine cultivation, quite extended in the past. Agricultural activity is currently quite limited to the orchard, upstream of Can Catà, and in the past, coastal fishing and the textile industry played a major role.

Some buildings in Canet benefited from the phenomenon of the so-called "Americans" or "Indians", people who had immigrated to America and returned after a few years enriched, with some beautiful examples of modernist architecture.

The main festive and cultural events in Canet de Mar are the Festa Major in honour of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, at the end of June; the Festival of the Virgin of Mercy, on September 8th; the Modernist Market Fair, the weekend after National Day of Catalonia (la Diada); the Festival of Re-percussion for the Odeon, at the beginning of June, and the Festival of the Santa Florentina Castle, during the summer.

Did you know that...?

In Canet de Mar lived and worked the architect, teacher, drawer, politician and humanist Lluís Domenech i Montaner, since his mother was born here, he left an interesting legacy.


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A visit to the Domènech i Montaner House Museum, the most interesting Modernist architectural heritage in the town of Canet de Mar.


What to do...?

You can enjoy the proposed guided routes that will take you to discover Modernism,

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