The Rec del Molí

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​​​​​The Rec del Molí is a water channel of medieval origin which diverts the water of the river Ter from the Colomers dam. The main channel passes through several municipalities in the Baix Empordà on the way to its mouth at the Rec del Molí beach in l’Escala.

The Colomers dam and the Rec del Molí were built in the middle of the seventeenth century to supply the mills belonging to the Baron of Verges, who had the dam and the Rec made and owned the rights to the Rec. At the end of the eighteenth century, the rights passed to the Marquis of Setmenat and new grain mills were built at Dou de l’Escala, Bellcaire and Jafre, all belonging to the Marquis.

This last stretch of the Rec has typical riverbank vegetation such as white willows and ash, and vegetation typical of wet areas, for example, reed beds and bulrushes, and various species of water birds and fish are also found.