Riverside woodland

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​​​​​Riverside woods are woods in the form of a narrow band, in this case following the course of the river Ter, which are deciduous and are on land which is constantly damp owing to a high groundwater level.

Changes to their conditions by humankind has meant that little by little they have vanished from many places in this area and have been replaced by plantations of banana plants and black poplars.

The main functions of these woods is to act as a biological corridor for animals to move along; an area for fauna to breed, rest and feed; to ensure the stability of the river bed, protecting its edges from the erosive force of the water; to protect nearby areas from flooding; and to absorb nutrients from the water, purifying it.

On this stretch of the river we note the presence of some species typical of these woods, such as ash, white willow, weeping willow and alder.