Roc Ferran and the inland dunes

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​​​​​​This is the highest point on the route. This spot offers spectacular views over the inland dunes, the Montgrí and the Muntanya Gran. Make yourself comfortable and have a look.

On the south face, and from furthest away to nearest, you can see the Maures with the antennas, Mont Pla with the white lodge of the forest rangers, the castle of Montgrí, which seems to emerge from a mountain top, and the peaks of the mountain of Ullà.

In the middle distance, you can see the mountain range which delimits the valley of Santa Caterina, the Roca Galera gorge, which stands out for its lack of vegetation, and the Serres Negres mountains.

In the foreground, are the dunes, with their highest peak, the Puig de la Reina, followed by the Puig Llebrer. To the east is the track, built in around the 1970s as a firebreak.