Torre Begura. Torroella de Montgrí - L'Estartit
Aflorament del Karst. Torroella de Montgrí - L'Estarti
Plana conreada. Torroella de Montgrí - L'Estartit

Discovering the sands route

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Rolling mountains

This route starts in Torroella de Montgrí and follows the slopes of the Montgrí Massif, following paths and tracks with panoramic views of the Empordà, the coast and the Medes Islands.

Discovery route: this passes through dunes hidden beneath tall pines, over karstic outcrops which can make the route challenging on a bike and along the quiet route to the Mota del Ter.

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  • Typology
    Time Circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    2 hours 30 minutes
  • Slope
    373.00 meters
  • Distance
    28.00 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
  • Activity
    By bike
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Rolling mountains

A real route for discovering the secrets of the Montgrí Massif and the plain of the Baix Ter. This route’s length makes it ideal for doing on a bike. We will try not to make you stop to read too often. Instead, at the few stops you do make, we will tell you about the best of what is hidden in the plain and the mountain.

The Mediterranean characteristics of the mountains offer unique vegetation, fauna and geology. Caves, fissures and sinkholes have formed in the karstic terrain of the Montgrí. The mountains drop down into the sea, forming cliffs. The abundant shrubs form impenetrable thickets and holm oaks are gaining ground on the old pine groves which were planted to prevent the advance of the sands.

On the subject of sand, you will discover how an inland dune formed in the middle of the massif and how it was stabilised by human ingenuity. You end by riding easily alongside the dry riverbed of the Ter Vell and the Ter Nou, a river setting where work is being done to restore the typical native riverbank vegetation.



  • The route follows broad and sometimes very rocky trails.
  • In the higher parts of the Muntanya Gran the exposed rocks make cycling challenging.


  • There are no sources of drinking water on the route. We recommend you have a full water bottle when you set off on your bike.


  • The route crosses the Gi-641 road. Take great care as this road has a lot of traffic.
  • Keep an eye out for cars on the urban stretch of the route.


  • Suitable equipment for a bicycle trip (spares, water, etc.).


  • The route is signposted with the number 41.
  • There is a rest area next to the Sand Warden’s Lodge.

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What to see in: Discovering the sands route

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Warden’s Lodge

Point of interest

Located at the most westerly point of the arête of the Coll de les Sorres (hill of the sands), is the sand warden’s lodge.

The reason it exists is that there is a group of inland dunes between the...

Sands and Pine Groves Trail

Point of interest

The pine groves which occupy the inland dunes originate from the systematic replanting at the start of the twentieth century. To complete the process of stabilising the dunes, pine seeds were planted...

Roc Ferran and the inland dunes

Point of interest

​​​​​​This is the highest point on the route. This spot offers spectacular views over the inland dunes, the Montgrí and the Muntanya Gran. Make yourself comfortable and have a look.

On the south...

Camí muntanya gran

Point of interest

Aquest camí també es coneix com la “transiberiana” i es va obrir per arribar a la casa del guarda de les sorres. La major part del massís del Montgrí i la muntanya Gran és de propietat municipal, i en...

Torre del Guarda Trail

Point of interest

The Montgrí Massif is an outcrop of carbonate rock. On this stretch of the route, it is important to keep your eyes on the ground so you do not fall over with the karst which breaks into the trail.


Salt de l'Euga

Point of interest

The Salt de l’Euga was an old waterfall which flowed as part of the seasonal stream of en Planes. Now it is an exceptional viewpoint overlooking l’Estartit.

From here you can enjoy one of the most...

Torre Martina and pomegranates

Point of interest

​​​​​​The Torre Martina is also known as Torre Mirona. It used to be the property of the Mir family (which is where the name Mirona comes from). It is a sixteenth- or seventeenth-century farmhouse...

Rec Ter Vell

Point of interest

The Rec del Ter Vell irrigates the area of market gardens of Torroella as it flows towards l’Estartit. It has this name because it was the route of the old mouth of the Ter.

The Rec Vell flows into...

The Ter

Point of interest

You are now at the Mota del Ter, earthworks built alongside the river to stop the plain from flooding. Here you can see riverside vegetation which, in some stretches is very lush, with ashes, white...

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What to see in: Discovering the sands route

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What to do in: Discovering the sands route

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