Torre del Guarda Trail

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The Montgrí Massif is an outcrop of carbonate rock. On this stretch of the route, it is important to keep your eyes on the ground so you do not fall over with the karst which breaks into the trail.

You are surrounded by thickets of kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera). This growth is also known as garrigue, as it contains large amounts of kermes oak (garric in Catalan), forming thickets of approximately a metre in height. Rosemary, mastic and narrow-leaved mock privet are also found here. Thyme, asparagus and common smilax stand out among the lower thickets.

If you want to rest for a while, this is a good place for watching small birds. The black-eared wheatear, African stonechat, subalpine warbler and woodchat shrike stand out among them.