Fish in the Baix Ter

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You are near the mouth of the Baix Ter, the only river in the area with a continuous flow. This stretch of the river and its mouth are undoubtedly the habitats with the largest fish biomass of the lower part of the Ter.

The most common species in the fish community on this stretch are carp, Ebro barbel, common rudd (photo), pumpkinseeds, eels, thinlip mullets, thicklip grey mullet and flathead grey mullets. The chub and Mediterranean barbel stand out among other less common species.

At this point, we will speak a bit about the protagonist of the photo. The common rudd is a freshwater fish which requires still waters with rich aquatic vegetation, such as lakes, canals, marshes or the lower reaches of rivers, as in this case. It is an omnivorous species, although large individuals can feed almost solely on plants, and so it can have a major impact on the river’s vegetation.