Holm oak woods

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​​​​​You are in one of the small remnants of holm oak woods in the Montgrí Massif. This type of woodland comprises a dense and shaded plant community where holm oaks predominate. The undergrowth is vigorous with shrubs and lianas. The persistent foliage of these species means it varies very little throughout the year.

The herbaceous and shrub layer comprises laurestine, strawberry tree, shrubby hare’s ear, Mediterranean buckthorn, butcher’s broom, mastic, honeysuckle, common smilax, fragrant virgin’s bower and ivy.

Various birds can also be spotted, such as the short-toed snake eagle, the sparrowhawk, which hunts above the shrubs, flying low and quickly, and the common wood pigeon (Columba palumbus), which is the largest of all the native wild pigeons.