Can Sala de Dalt

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From here we can see Can Sala de Dalt, a 17th century manor house, surrounded by crops. The whole house and the buildings that make it remain enclosed by a wall that homes the courtyard of the house. In this case, the whole farmhouse is a defense, where the wall has a main entrance door and a side door without lock, as it closes inside. On the facade, the loopholes can be seen, which are present in all directions.

Next to the farmhouse is the Chapel of “El Bon Tornar” where there are former sailors, usually boats, hanging from the ceiling. As the sailors made long journeys and departed far away, they entrusted a “Bon Tornar” (a safe journey back home).

The projection of the Sala family was growing and accumulated patrimonies throughout the Catalan geography. The family managed these assets in this house, where they had the office. Patrimonial archives, which have been conserved despite of wars, occupy 50 linear meters, and are housed in the library of Catalunya. The file is very extensive and complex, keeping with the importance of the family. The first news of the Sala family dates from the year 1155 and the heirs retained the surname well into the eighteenth century, which was extinguished as just a heiress remained.