Bell Racó

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To our right and between the rows of eucalyptus, we can admire the building of “Bell Racó”.

It is a clear example of the architecture of the residential palaces of the 40s within the twentieth century, where we find the most varied mix of styles and strong volumes in a large group. It is built on the site of the original house, “Can Carreras”, which was replaced by the new construction. Behind “Can Navas”, among other buildings, we can find a farmhouse, “Ca la Teresina”. Inside the building we can find the “Castanyers” fountain.

Highlights the eclectic look of the building, which combines elements of Folk, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture... and combining various types of decorative: exposed stone, graffito, frescoes, stucco paintings... Whe we find “Sert i Massot” paintings. The gardens and access road are also noteworthy.

At present it hosts celebrations, weddings and banquets.