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This pond created by the fountain of Banana trees of “Can Castells” inside “Can Comalada’s” stream, grows a very important population of carofícia asprella algae (Chara vulgaris), there are also Cladophora sp., Several macro invertebrates and diatoms. The pool is also used as a trough of birds and mammals and as a space for breeding and feeding of amphibians like the tree frog and toad.

Note that the water from these ponds, like many others in the neighbourhood of the “Pujada”, have been fed by the Dosrius aqueduct, a large underground infrastructure from the mid-nineteenth century, almost forty km, which carried water from Dosrius to Barcelona, going across many towns of the South-Maresme and Barcelona. In front of the pond you can see a small white building with the blue door, from which derived a small portion of the water from the aqueduct, so that farmers could benefit and use it in their orchards.