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As we said before, climatic conditions favor the development of mid-European species. In these fir trees, you have another example. They were planted around “Mas Corriol” (where we are now) and “La Fontana”. The purpose could be both ornamental and repopulation for wood use.

We find both Caucasian firs and white fir trees. The first of shorter leaves and forming a spiral form around the branch; Its wood of lower quality was used for paper pulp. White fir trees have the longest leaves (photo) and the highest quality wood is used in carpentry. Both have two white stripes under the blade.

Its good adaptation to the site can be observed by the number of young trees that colonize the terrain.

The white fir, in addition, has many uses: turpentine or spruce oil, was found in pharmacies until the beginning of the century. For bruises, clean and close injuries. In double boiler pratices, two parts of the queen and three of hot liquid wax were mixed to make a poultice that was called "pez de Borgoña". It was used to facilitate the suppuration of furuncles, illnesses of rheumatism, lower back pain or chronic cough. The tender shoots remember lemon’s taste and they are put in salads.

ATTENTION: After the two large firs, we turn up left.