Saint Daniel Monastery

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Still within the city´s urban area, the walk passes Sant Daniel Monastery. This monastery was founded in the 9th century, when the monk Saint Daniel was beheaded in Arles en Provence in 888 during the Arab rule. His disciples fled with his body to prevent it from being thrown into the sea. Just before reaching Girona, they buried him in Vall Tenebrosa (“Gloomy Valley”, today known as Sant Daniel Valley), a peaceful location, where only a short time later his remains were venerated. A small church was built there in tribute to Saint Salvador and Saint Daniel, which soon became the parish church for the few residents in the valley.

The monastery was founded in the 11th century (1018) and was rebuilt under the orders of the Countess Ermessenda and Ramon Borrell on the site of the former Sant Daniel Church.

Since then monastic life has continued, following the Rule of Saint Benedict, still operating today. It is the only female Benedictine community in Catalonia that resides in the same place it was founded.