Camps Camí de Sant Miquel
Vall de Sant Daniel
Castell de Sant Miquel, foto: JS.Carrera
Camí de Sant Miquel. Foto: JS.Carrera

Sant Miquel walk

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This walk reveals a side of Girona that is still largely unknown to many local residents. It passes close to the historic centre of the city, taking in areas of natural beauty and cultural heritage, delving into the heart of traditional life in Les Gavarres. 

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  • Typology
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    2 hours
  • Slope
    340.00 meters
  • Distance
    4.80 km
  • Theme
    Architecture and environment
  • Activity
    By foot
    By bike
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The walk passes through the picturesque valley of Sant Daniel, along the River Galligants and its tributaries, through small woods and fields, before going into the protected parklands of Les Gavarres and climbing up Sant Miquel Mountain. Here the ruins of Sant Miquel Castle can be seen, alongside spectacular panoramic views out over the province of Girona, a 360º view from the Empordà region to the Pyrenees Mountains. 

At the highest part of the walk, there are three options: the main route, passing through Cal Mistaire, Font Martina and Cal Micaló; the eastern variant, which goes through Collet d’en Figueres taking in sites that include the remains of Cal Mistaire spring, or the Cal Micaló variant. The Sant Miquel walk follows the Girona Green Belt signs and specific signs indicating the path to follow.




  • Es lineal. Per tant heu de contemplar la tornada ¡! Els 5 kms passaran a ser 10 ¡!
  • L’anada, és una pujada constant de 360 mts.  
  • Es fa per pistes còmodes que poden estar transitades per vehicles.  
  • A la part alta, hi ha petites variants de la Pedra Seca, però el recorregut que us proposem ja es força complert. 



  • Porteu aigua.  
  • A dalt de tot, a Font Martina potser podreu reomplir.  A mitja anada hi ha la Font del Ferro.



  • Aneu en compte amb els cotxes. També fan pols a l’estiu.
  • Respecteu el medi i la propietat privada. 



  • Evitar fer-la a les hores centrals dels dies d’estiu.
  • Els dies de vent també és molest.



  • Calçat còmode.
  • Protecció solar.
  • Prismàtics i màquina fotogràfica.
  • Si la feu en BTT el casc és obligatori.



  • A la font del Ferro hi ha una zona de picnic. Disposa d’aparcament de cotxes.
  • Sota el Puig de Sant Miquel, també hi ha taules per fer pic-nic.
  • Trobareu plafons interpretatius al llarg del recorregut.


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What to see in: Sant Miquel walk

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Sant Pere de Galligants

Point of interest

The walk begins in Girona city, in the area of Sant Pere de Galligants, near Girona Cathedral, by the outer section of the wall.

Here the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants can be seen...

Saint Daniel Monastery

Point of interest

Still within the city´s urban area, the walk passes Sant Daniel Monastery. This monastery was founded in the 9th century, when the monk Saint Daniel was beheaded in Arles en Provence in 888 during the...

Sant Daniel Valley

Point of interest

The walk passes Sant Daniel Cemetery, heading towards Sant Daniel Valley. Agriculture has been the main economic driver in the valley, which is an area of transition, leading into the mountain forests...

Font del Ferro

Point of interest

Leaving the main track for a few moments takes walkers to Font del Ferro (“Iron Spring”), worth seeing up close. A defining feature of this spring is its spicy water, with a strong iron-like taste. A...

Pont d'en Miralles

Point of interest

On returning to the main path, the track runs alongside Miralles Stream, before crossing over Miralles Bridge. Mountain water in the area collects in streams and rivers, flowing on to the valley plain...

Can Lliure

Point of interest

The walk continues, passing Can Lliure, a Catalan farmhouse with magnificent views out over Girona as far as the Montseny massif. Its strategic position led the French army to set up base there during...

Cal Mistaire

Point of interest

Cal Mistaire is an example of local farmhouses in the area, comprising two floors, with a living area of three rooms and storage area. In the kitchen a bread oven, wood or coal stove, several shelves...

Font Martina

Point of interest

Leaving the main path for a few moments takes walkers to the old Martina spring. This is one of 250 springs on the Les Gavarres mountain range. The topography and geology of Les Gavarres favours the...

Can Micaló

Point of interest

At this point, the walk can be extended slightly to view a range of buildings, constructed using the traditional dry stone technique. The eastern variant of the path also goes to Sant Miquel Castle. 


Sant Miquel mountain

Point of interest

On the top of Sant Miquel Mountain, the remains of a building named after the mountain can be seen. The oldest ruins date back to Medieval times and the site comprises a possible watchtower, section...

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What to see in: Sant Miquel walk

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