Pine Forest

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We are at the top of the Estremera mountain range, north facing and at an altitude of 1990 m. It is subalpine (1600-2300 m), boundary of conifers such as black pine and some possible spots of spruce. The most common shrubs are the rhododendron, juniper and basil. Where we are, the juniper is dominant. The mushrooms (ceps and rossinyols), together with the pinetells, are the most precious mushrooms that we can find here.
In these forests we find high mountain wildlife. Chamois are hiding in winter. It is the habitat of forest birds such as whiskers, finches and small scallops. The bushes make the nest on the dead tree trunks you will see. Also, there is a small number, of the Pyrenean owl and the rooster.
Of the young shoots of black pine, we can do infusions that help affections of the respiratory tract. The wood is of very good quality and is used in construction; Also for sound resonance in musical instruments.