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Itinerary 1: Chamois and marmots route

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High parts' essence

Entertaining family excursion, at 1900 m height, by the upper part of the Rigat Valley. We will enjoy fantastic views of the valleys and nearby mountain reliefs, with the Puigmal (2910 m) and the Rigat valley as the most important.
This excursion will allow us to get in touch with the flora and fauna characteristic of the threshold of the black pine forest, with the subalpine and alpine meadows of the high mountains.
Just before the Collet de les Barraques you will find a viewpoint of the Montgrony mountain massif with a panel indicating the peaks.


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  • Typology
    Anti-clockwise circular
  • Difficulty
    For families
  • Duration
    1 hour 30 minutes
  • Slope
    160.00 meters
  • Distance
    4.20 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
  • Activity
    By foot
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High part's essence

Easy and entertaining route through the subalpine meadows of the ridge that would take us to Puig Dòrria (2547 mts) with wonderful initial views to the Rigat valley, the Massif of the Montgrony mountain range and the Taga, to pass immediately on the hillside of The Barraques, in the Pyrenean reliefs.
We will leave the car about 250 meters past the refuge of the Corral Blanc, to the barrier. We will go up the road to the viewpoint and the collet de les Barraques [XG1]. Former open-pit mining area, from the beginning of the 20th century.
The first part of the path is more forestry but, little by little, we will go through beautiful clearings, called plains, such as Ventolanesos, where forest birds are looking for seeds and insects, and there are plenty of flowers, rugs and other plants
After the plains, we go to the threshold of the forest and the subalpins meadows begin [XG2]. The views are wider, and we can recognize the summits around. From Puig de Dòrria (2547 m) in front of it, following the path; the Tossa del Pas dels Lladres (2666 m) and more to the right, the Puigmal (2910 m). The valley to our right, descends to Queralbs and makes rocky cliffs full of shelters within them, beautiful.
We will not reach the Puig de Dòrria. We will go up slightly to the cattle ranch that we see in front of us, where we will sit and watch, enjoy what nature will let us see. It will not be difficult to detect the chamois, both above us and below. There is a lot of marmots in the vicinity of the hut. In spring, flowers such as small yeallow gentian or mountain liquorice, among others, encircle the meadows and make the route more interesting.

Go to the Vaquerissa hut and return will take us 1 h 30' without stopping. Do not confuse yourself with possible marmot routes that estimate just 45'. In any case, the 45' are just to reach the hut, and then another 45' needed to return. This without stopping, therefore, you must add all the time that you will be enjoying the nature that, in fact, is the objective here.




Flat with slight up-hill slope.
On paths between the forest and trails in the meadows. We can also cross the area through subalpine meadows.
On the way back, passing the "porta del filat del carener", we can follow the white and green signals.
Do not take any references to follow from any PR or GR. Although we will find them, they go to other places.
Remember that the 45' that you can find on other websites, in our case, is just the outbound time and without stopping.
Our path does not match 100% with what [XG3] there is drawn on the panel of the massif of the Montgrony mountain range.
Once in the hut, we return without losing height.
If you do it in the opposite direction, at any time, without reaching the hut, you can go down the field and go down the path below. If you do it in the direction that we propose you and want to shorten, it will mean that you need to go straight up.


No fountains.
In Planoles, as many as you like. At the beginning of the road that goes up too. Before reaching the shelter of the Corral blanc there is the Freda fountain next to the road.
At the refuge they serve drinks and lunch, but it is not always open.


You are almost at 2000 m height. The weather can change quickly.
Protection from cold temperature, wind and sun.
In the afternoon temperature drops very fast.
Avoid doing the route with unstable weather forecasts. Although as it is short, we can always go back quickly.


Avoid strong insolations. Must wear protection (hat, cream, sunglasses). The sun in the high mountains is very strong.
With rain forecast or strong winds. Wear suitable clothes


The meadows are very slippery if they are wet.
The meadow paths, made by cows, can be uncomfortable to walk.


Suitable clothes for cold, rainy or windy days.
Binoculars are essential to detect and enjoy wildlife.
Camera for landscapes and flowers.
Nature guides to identify plants and birds.
A map will help us identify the relief that is around us.


Refuge of the Corral Blanc. There are tables. They serve food and drinks. You can stay overnight.
At the viewpoint and collet de les Barraques, there are informative panels. Also benches and tables for a picnic.
The area of the collet de les Barraques, on the southern slope of the Estremera mountain range, was an old open-pit mining sector. There are three mines. You will see the undulating relief of the terrain.

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What to see in: Itinerary 1: Chamois and marmots route

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Collet de les Barraques

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The name of the huts is due to the fact that by 1900/1920 there was an open pit mining. From this hill, going to pick and shovel relief surface modeling industry sunny side of this...

Pine Forest

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We are at the top of the Estremera mountain range, north facing and at an altitude of 1990 m. It is subalpine (1600-2300 m), boundary of conifers such as black pine and some possible...

Ventolanesos Plain

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We do not follow the GR that goes to the right of the plain in the direction of the Font de l'Home Mort. We cross the plain in between.
Among the forest masses we find...

Gin anb blue aconitum

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We are in Pla de la Vaquerissa, already overlooking the alpine meadows and summits of Dòrria, the Puigmal in front of the bottom and the Dou, to our right.
We see how scrubs...


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You see there are plains of bare ground. If you inspect them, the earth is around a hole of considerable size. There are lots in this whole plain.
They are the "house" of the...

Reddish Frog

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The Barraca de la Vaquerissa. On the panel it says: 1932 Toful. The roof is closed with a flat slab and covered by a beautiful gleva of celebrations. Inside, it has three closets....


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We go back without losing height, in a gentle ascent.
Have I not seen any chamois yet? From here on, we saw them above us, it climbs up to the hill of Dòrria, as well as below...

White rock

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We follow the white and green signs to the left of the rock.
The geological diversity in the headwaters of Ter and Freser is high. Formed by gneiss-type rocks 540 million...
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Ruta molt assequible per a tothom, tant física com tècnicament, sempre i quan no es faci a l'hivern ja que es fàcil trobar-se el camí cobert de neu i gel en alguns trams. Recomanable.
Ruta molt xula! Vam veure moltes marmotes però no vam tenir sort amb els isards. Recomanable per fer, l'únic que no vaig poder descarregar la ruta, em donava error.

What to see in: Itinerary 1: Chamois and marmots route

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