Ventolanesos Plain

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We do not follow the GR that goes to the right of the plain in the direction of the Font de l'Home Mort. We cross the plain in between.
Among the forest masses we find clearings and areas of meadows. These are the plains, used to graze the flocks and other ungulated forest herbivores such as roe deer.
It is beautiful to see the flowering in the spring. Gencians (blue trumpets on the floor) and mountain liquorice (foto), try the root!
It is in these meadows where we find the cremallocks, pulleys, "carreretes" or cama-secs (Marasmius oreades) that form mushroom ready plains as well as spring moixernons in spring and some portobello mushroom. You have seen how many common names can have the same mushroom!
These meadows are at the edge of the forest, a good place to see the llucareta (bird that, by spitting on the ground, we will see the yellow carp when it is flying), the bush sparrow, the white breastbird or the grizzly (it is leaping by land searching for worms, seeds or fruits and stop at the high ends of nearby pines).