The Golden Eagle 

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Aquila Chrysaetos
It is the largest eagle in the Catalan territory, reaching 230 cm long as of wings and is classified as vulnerable.
Eagles form lifelong couples throughout their lives and have several nests within their territory which they alternate each season.
They build their nests in the cliffs and sometimes in the trees. The nests can reach up to 2 meters in diameter and one meter and a half in height.
Its diet is varied, from squirrels, rabbits and partridges, to chamois and deer, the latter as a last resort, asthey prefer to hunt more abundant and easy to hunt animals. In case of extreme need they can even eat carrion.
The golden eagle has a privileged vision, they can see a rabbit at a distance of up to 2 km.
Other species of raptors that you can observe in the area of ​​the Natural Park of the Capçaleres del Ter and Freser are: the European Honey buzzard, the marcello eagle, the bearded vulture, the common vulture, the eagle paved and the hawk pilgrim .
Photo by: Juan Lacruz