Font del boix (BOIX FOUNTAIN)

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Buxux sempervirens
The Boix fountain is actually a natural fountain of groundwater, and receives its name from the shrub that is just above.
This evergreen bush in some cases can become a small tree of up to 6-8 m in height. It resists well the cold environment and is usually associated with pine, beech and oak.
Its wood is very hard and heavy, to the point that it does not even sweat. It is used to make engravings, chess pieces, spoons, wind instruments and also parts of pillows.
It is a medicinal plant but at the same time highly toxic if you injest it.
Currently in some regions of Catalonia, especially in the Garrotxa is being devoured by an invasive species from China, the Boix butterfly (Cydalima perspectalis).
foto: Hubert Berberich