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Cedrus Atlantica
From this small walk through which we walk, the beauty of the trees that flank it on the right side draws our attention, they are cedars.
The cedars belong to the genus of conifers and to the family of pineapples. It is a tree of perennial leaves and long life, since they can live up to more than two thousand years.
There are 3 accepted species of Cedar: Atlas (foto), Himalayas and Lebanon, the wood of this last one was used to construct the first temple of Jerusalem and is the tree which has more mentions in the Bible.
Its wood has the special characteristic of scaring insects and worms, and at the same time is very resistant to rotting. The cedar wood was used for the construction of sarcophagi, wooden tiles, musical instruments, artisan objects and very commonly used in the manufacture of pencils.
The ancient Egyptians used their essence to embalm momias.