Castle of St. Peter

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The town of Ribes de Freser was founded under the protection of the castle of Sant Pere. Today, an archaeological site that can evoke the life of the Middle Ages, from its founding by the counts of Cerdanya around the year 1000 until its abandonment in the 16th century. The ruins of the castle are an architectural vestige of the Middle Ages, whose construction dates back to the 11th century.
Initially it consisted only of a small tower where a Castilian and his family lived. Its functionality was to control the border between the county of Cerdanya, to which Ribes belonged, and that of Besalú. As of 1276, the Ribes Valley became part of the kingdom of Majorca, when a real defensive network was created due to the growing conflict between the two sisters monarchies.
In 1374 it is when the castle took its present physics, with several superimposed terraces. At the same time, a deep pit was excavated to the north, which greatly improved the defensive possibilities. The water supply was ensured through a small cistern covered with a stone vault, located at the northeast angle.