Rutes a Setcases Ulldeter
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Before continuing, we shall stop to locate us.
If you look down, from where we come from, we see the rising valley with the mountain range that closes the town to the east between the Costabona and the Puig de les Agudes (1,975 m, visible). The slopes of the left of the valley are the ones of the Puig de la Coma Ermada (2,502 m), and next to the road, the "clearing" below the building of the hostel is Els Hospitalets plain. Opposite to it, the buttresses of the "Gra de Fajol petit".
In front of and to your right, the Puig de Lladres (2,365m); Behind the Pic de la Dona (2,704m) and Portella de Mantet; And, beneath all of them, where we find the ski resort (year 1975), were the plains of Dalt de Morens. A good place for cattle until the early 20th century.
To the left, the Gra de Fajol petit (2,563 m) and, straight up, we can see the Gra de Fajol gran (2,708 m).
Then we will cross a tiny bay leaf, a bush of odorous yellow flowers in May-July.