Gra de Fajol. Ulldeter.
Coll de la Marrana. Ulldeter
Rutes al Parc Capçaleres del Ter i Freser. Refugi vell.

Itinerary 9. Circ d'Ulldeter

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Mountain refuges with history.

This moderate difficulty tour [VBA1] is a good way to start exploring the Pyrenees from its historical refuges. The alpine landscapes and its mountains, valleys and glacial cirques, which are in this case head of major rivers like the Ter, within Ulldeter site.

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  • Typology
    Time Circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    1 hour 25 minutes
  • Slope
    345.00 meters
  • Distance
    4.50 km
  • Theme
  • Activity
    By foot
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Rutes a Ulldeter


Mountain refuges with history.

We start to climb to the Ulldeter refuge, through a very beaten path, crossing odorous broom heath in spring, accompanied by pine woods, facing the large grain buckwheat. Once at the refuge views improve and we notice how the subalpine pine forest becomes more sparse and disappearing to give way to alpine meadows. At the end of the plain on top of the refuge, continue straight on along the "Coll de la Marrana".

Before climbing, behind us we have a clear vision of Ulldeter's circus. The head of the Ter river's glacial origin, from Gra de Fajol to the Puig de la Llosa, passing through  Bastiments. At the bottom, the Canigó, and to the right, the culminating part of the Costabona.




It is better to follow the path in Offline mode.
The first section coincides with the path of Ulldeter to Núria.
First part of constant rise and secondly we find a descent.


At the refuge.
In case of need, the torrents bring water but it is always better to carry it in the backpack, as cattle could contaminate it.


Meteorology in high mountains is very unstable.
You'll be very exposed to wind.
At high parts there are no shadows.
Respect wildlife and cattle that graze.


Avoid high-heat hours in summer. There are no shadows.
Avoid doing the path if it rained or it is raining.
Check the forecast. Wind days are very annoying and even dangerous.
In winter, snow and wind can play a bad treat, you have to be equipped with winter material.


High mountain land.
Narrow walking paths.
Rocky paths with screes.
Grass fields with grooves.
When going down, it is easy to slip or suffer ankle sprinkles. More if we are tired.


Resistant and suitable footwear for high mountains. Waterproof, which hold our ankles are recommended.
Three-pole poles will help us stabilize the descents.
Suitable clothing according to the season. Always be predictors of possible changes in the weather. You should never forget raincoats and warm clothes.
Solar protection. Caps, cream and sun-glasses.
Binoculars will help us to improve the experience, as you will be able to see the nearby chamois.
The landscapes of the high mountains are a good memory to take home.
A map and a compass will help us understand the environment and guide us through it.


Ulldeter's refuge half way up towards Coll de la Marrana.
Before the first slopes' parking lots, there is a hostel on the road.
You will find a panel which informs about the chamois in the parking lot of the Pla de la Molina and another on the Ulldeter Pyrenees sector, at the last turn of the road, just before reaching the path that goes up to the refuge, below Puig dels Lladres.

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Point of interest
Before continuing, we shall stop to locate us.
If you look down, from where we come from, we see the rising valley with the mountain range that closes the town to the east...

Refuge's Path

Point of interest
More clarified pine forests. We cross a tiny cane (foto) with beautiful aromatic yellow flowers in May-July. The "neret" is under the black pine at the shade of the torrent.

Ulldeter's Refuge

Point of interest
We are at 2,220 m, at the limit between the country of black pine and alpine meadows. The plain on top of the refuge is called Pla de la Calma. All these names served as geographic...

Blue aconitum

Point of interest
We see how scattered scrubs are increasingly formed by rhododendron and juniper.
In the most humid parts, among the junipers you will see a plant with split leaves and a sprig...

Ulldeter's Circus

Point of interest
Meadows and pastures and only a few rhododendron bushes are the only ones who dare to climb up here. We enjoy spectacular views of the whole Ulldeter radius, axial eastern Pyrenees. On...

Coll Marrana

Point of interest
It's time to stop (if there is no wind) and enjoy the Eastern Pyrenees.
We face the Freser basin in front of the Freser's top point in front of us, which is lowered below the...

Fade into the upholstery Lake

Point of interest
We are under the Bastiment Peak. It is time to remove the binoculars and search for the fauna of these meadows between stones, juniper and rhododendrons.
We will hear some...

Old Ulldeter's Refuge

Point of interest
Located at 2,391 m altitude. It was the first mountain refuge kept from all the southern Pyrenean area. This makes it a historical and architectural reference in the construction of...
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What to see in: Itinerary 9. Circ d'Ulldeter

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