Ulldeter's Circus

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Meadows and pastures and only a few rhododendron bushes are the only ones who dare to climb up here. We enjoy spectacular views of the whole Ulldeter radius, axial eastern Pyrenees. On the right side of the neck before us, the Bastiments (2881 m), turn right, follow the Pic de la Dona (2704 m), the Portella de Mantet (neck) and Coma Ermada's plains (behind your barely see the Canigó), Puig de la Llosa (2509 m), of the Roca Colom (2510 m) iyou can only see the very top, on the right side of the pyramid Costabona (2464 m). Behind all this, the northern Catalonia region Vallespir and Conflent.
If you look beneath the plane towards Pic de la Dona will find the ruins of the old refuge. Under the Pic de la Dona, there is a vein that goes up to the ridge where we can see very white rocks: quartz seams are among the dominant schists, which come from limestone modified by changes in the pressures and temperatures. The summit of Roca Colom consists of quartz seams.
The meadows are a good habitat for gray partridge.