Ulldeter's Refuge

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We are at 2,220 m, at the limit between the country of black pine and alpine meadows. The plain on top of the refuge is called Pla de la Calma. All these names served as geographic references to identify the positions of the herds. Now we have in front the Gra de Fajol and at the bottom the Bastiments peak.
Setcases was the first mountain refuge in Spain (1908), thanks to the initiative of Cèsar August Torras, promoter of Pyrenean hiking. It was built by the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, according to the plans of the architect Jeroni Martorell, then president of the hiking section of the CEC, at 2,390 meters above sea level, near the birth of the river Ter. The materials used did not endure the climatological conditions: several repairs were made to it and it totally fell between 1936 and 1939.
In 1953, after the prohibition period to travel through border areas, motivated by the activities of the maquis, began the construction of a new refuge in the Gran Racó de Morens, between Gra de Fajol and Puig dels Lladres, at 2,235 m in altitude, designed by architects Jordi Benet and Eugeni Rosich, and was inaugurated in 1959.
From the refuge, we can hear the black spruce or we can be lucky to see, in the evening, some ermines.